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Turtlemon Go!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Animal School. We are pleased to announce our new interactive feature, Turtles Around Town. This will be an ongoing community project that gets people exploring their natural surroundings and finding areas around home they have never noticed, effectively making us all look around our familiar environments with new eyes.

Here’s how it will work: Animal School will post a photo of our two toy turtles about once a week, with them either indoors or outside, and we will give clues as to where they are located. We’ll put the photos up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then, it’s up to you guys to figure out where Philbert and Bentlee ended up! They will pop up all around Monroe County. Think of this as a continuous, family-friendly scavenger hunt online.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We want you to join the reptilian rendezvous! Show us pictures of your turtles, real or decorative. You can even get the community to guess where they are with the hashtag #TurtlesAroundTown. Let’s see how far around the world we can connect our slow-moving shell buddies.

It’s time to let the animal in you run wild and have these crawlers cover as much ground as possible!

Our two intrepid reptiles, Philbert (left) and Bentlee (right), named in homage of Filburt from Rocko’s Modern Life and Bentley from the Sly Cooper video game series


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