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Crowdfunding On the Horizon and Again With the Brochures!

Hey, everybody and welcome back to Animal School’s blog.

Well, human schools are getting back in session, and we’re celebrating that fact with another tour of farmers markets around the Rochester, NY area. We hope to be at the Pittsford, Brighton, Churchville and Charlotte/Lakeside markets in the next week or two, so keep an eye out for our fuzzy faces.

Katie has updated our brochure (again) to include the various online and multimedia features Animal School produces. We will have printed copies Monday, but if you would like to look at them now, we do have the PDF available. Share it with anyone who might be interested! We work with all sorts of groups and schools, and people of all ages. Also, because we never want to deprive anyone of our unique educational program, we offer a sliding scale for prices, so we can work out something affordable for everyone. Remember: we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and, obviously, WordPress.

Speaking of our online presence, we are working on a CNN parody, so keep an eye out for that. Nick was also interviewed with Elope costumes recently, the group from which we got Howler’s, Inola’s and Swift’s heads, so we hope to share that article with you when it becomes available. Additionally, Katie has been fastidiously working on a logo specifically for Animal School, so we have that to look forward to, as well. Moreover, we’re working on our own banner, as opposed to the WEC one, for markets, and are in the process of putting a horse suit together for some collaborative projects with other local farm and wildlife groups. We also just started our Animals In Art History feature, in which we explore art throughout history that portrays and incorporates animals into its themes and compositions. These are exciting times!

Now, being part of a nonprofit group, how are we paying for this? Not easily, to be frank. That’s why we’re looking to Patreon to help us fund our program. We are entertainers and artists at heart, so it makes sense to have patrons. What has been delaying us, though, is a means of rewarding potential supporters. Again, we have no money, so we really do have to be creative here. We’re thinking of having newsletters, printable coloring pages of our characters, online origami guides, thank-you mentions in our videos, and a variety of family-friendly parodies or animal topic videos for patrons to choose from. We need to make sure we have something that people want (other than our content constantly improving in a way that entertains and informs our community) and is accessible to patrons online and ONLY the patrons, at least for early access. So, we are really perusing the site before we officially start a page. We were thinking of offering people who, 1) live in Monroe County and 2) donate x amount of dollars, a visit to their group or business, but frankly, that seems too sketchy. We were also discussing possible merchandise to give away down the line, like t-shirts and toys but, again, we are a new group in a poor city, so that is something that could take many, many years to come to fruition.

IOU Donate Jar
To be fair, EVERY educator deserves one of these


What do you think? What would you like to get back from Animal School if you were to support us online? What kinds of topics or themes would you like us to add to our in-person performances?


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