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Fun Animal Fact Recap: Close, But No Babar

  • Though they all look similar, cheetahs, leopards and jaguars have a few distinct features.

    Cheetahs are found mostly in Africa and have solid, evenly distributed spots.

    Leopards, found in Africa and Asia, have a large number of flower-shaped spots, or rosettes, that are a slightly different color than cheetahs’. Some of their spots have brownish centers and thick, black outlines.

    Jaguars, which reside in the Americas, have larger rosettes than leopards. Their spots have lighter centers and thick, dark outlines.

  • Buffalo don’t actually live in America. Our buffaloes are American Bison. There are also European Bison, which live in isolated parts of Poland. The two main species of buffalo that exist are the African cape buffalo and Asian water buffalo.

  • A snake is one type of legless lizard. Based on observable physical characteristics, though, legless lizards tend to have eyelids, external ear openings, long tails, and lack broad belly scales. Legless lizards’ tongues are also generally thicker and less forked than snakes’.

  • The biggest distinction between monkeys and apes is that, in general, monkeys have tails and apes do not. Apes also have a longer lifespan, larger body size, larger brain-to-body size ratio and higher intelligence than monkeys.

  • There are a decent number of differences between frogs and toads, but did you know that all toads belong to the order Anura, and are actually a subset of frogs?

  • Viceroy butterflies, unlike their monarch counterparts, can be identified by the black lines across their hindwings. They are also smaller than monarchs. Moreover, monarchs are toxic, due to their diet of milkweed, while viceroys are nontoxic.

  • Ravens and crows can be told apart by their size, social structure, tail patterns and calls. Ravens are larger and travel in pairs, compared to crows’ larger groups. A crow’s tail opens like a fan, whereas a raven’s opened tail is wedge-shaped. Additionally, crows caw and ravens croak.


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